Benefits and Tips for SMS Healthcare Marketing

The power of SMS marketing is known to all. Every business is using the power of SMS for serving their purpose of marketing. Companies are able to talk about their products and services with the help of text messages. Today, companies from every sector are utilizing the potential for SMS marketing to stay in touch with their prospective and recurring clients. SMS healthcare marketing is booming with more healthcare companies using SMS to be in touch with their patients and parties.

A great benefit of SMS marketing is that it has a higher open rate than email marketing. As a healthcare company, when you send emails to your prospects, there is a lower chance that they will open the email and read it. Most people decide by reading the subject only whether they should read the email or not. It is a different case with SMS marketing. When you send an SMS to your targeted people, they are very likely to open and read the message. As text messages are short and to the point, it is often read by the recipients. When the recipients read the message sent to them, the purpose of sending the SMS is fulfilled. What the recipient does after reading the SMS depends upon how you present the message to them.

Following are some tips that you should follow in order to get the best results from SMS healthcare marketing.

1. As people are too busy to read long messages, it is not a good idea to send long messages with flashy words. Make sure to stay relevant while writing down your SMS text. It means to stay to the point and also know what to write for whom. You can segment your clients based on their requirements. If you have a healthcare product meant for ladies, you should send them to the female contacts only. The same goes with men; people young and old; people with kids or no kids, etc.

2. Make sure that you have a strong call to action at the end of the SMS that will urge the message recipient to take action. The message must tell them what they should do in order to avail the service or buy the product. A good idea is to add a link that will redirect them to the webpage of your company. Make sure that you shorten your link or else it will eat up your text message limit.

3. The most important thing to remember is not spam your prospects with regular messages every day. If they receive too many messages sent by you, the next time they receive an SMS from you they will delete right away even without reading.…

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