Fight For Your Rights With A Worker’s Settlement Attorney

Fight For Your Rights With A Worker’s Settlement Attorney

There are many ways in which an attorney can help you if you are hurt on the job. First of all, they will let you know what you are entitled to. This can be compensation for the time off work, and pay for the time you are not able to work due to the injuries you have sustained. Additionally, a lawyer will inform you what your employer can and can’t do. So, if they are threatening to fire you, or offering you another form of compensation so that you do not file a worker’s comp claim, consider contacting Kentons Law Office rather than speaking to your employer directly.

When you hire the team at Kentons Law Office, we will work on your behalf. We will communicate with your employer for you, so that you do not say or do something you should not do. If there are communications and if they would like to negotiate a settlement, we are going to work with their team of lawyers, to ensure you receive all the monies that are owed to you. In the event you can’t go back to work for an extended period of time, require ongoing medical care, and need to pay for rehab or therapy, we will make sure all of these costs are taken care of by your employer.

When we work on a settlement we will

  • Account for time off and your pay check
  • Account for medical bills, hospital costs, surgery, medication, and other costs you’ll incur because of the injury
  • Consider permanent loss
  • Add in the cost of loss of ability (for example, if you can’t do a job later in life because of the injury, we’ll make sure this is adjusted in the settlement offer as well)

We will make sure you are going to receive what’s owed to you, and won’t allow your employer to try to undercut the value of your claim. And, if you do go back to work for the employer, we’ll make sure they do not harass, or otherwise try to make you quit, or try to fire you, simply because of the claim you filed.

There are many ways in which our team at Kentons Law Office can help you if you are hurt at work. Don’t try to go through a worker’s comp claim on your own and let your employer walk all over you. Our team is here to help you in your claim battle!