What To Do If You Owe The IRS And Can’t Afford To Pay

What To Do If You Owe The IRS And Can’t Afford To Pay

Picture this scenario: It is May and you are relaxing, enjoying the nice Spring morning. You submitted your taxes quite a bit ago and they are the farthest thing from your mind. You mail-carrier stops by and you greet them at the door, taking your delivery, happy to sort through the latest postage with some coffee. Then you notice that the IRS has written you and you’re being audited. Suddenly this nice Spring morning has turned into a Hellish one and you don’t need the coffee to help you feel alert anymore, you’re wide-awake and quite upset. You need a San Bernardino Tax Attorney, and you need one fast!

You almost always want to hire a tax attorney as soon as the IRS even hints at wanting to audit you, and especially if they are talking about hitting-you with fines or even prison-time should they feel you have done actions with your taxes that are illegal–regardless of even if you are innocent, because at the end of the day the IRS does not care whether you made a mistake or were trying to do something wrong, because they want your money and will be relentless at trying to get it.

Clearly, the time to get a Tax Attorney is when the IRS does anything beyond giving you a refund or simply telling you what is owed for the year. A San Bernardino Tax Attorney will be there to help you with any potential further-efforts the IRS may take, and that will help provide you with a lot more peace of mind and keeping more of your money in your pocket.

Assuming you live in the San Bernardino region, you should find a San Bernardino Tax Attorney as tax laws can vary from region-to-region and it therefore makes the most sense to think locally. You can ask friends (if you feel comfortable discussing money with them) or do a Google search, but make sure before you even TRY to reason with the IRS you have a tax attorney to back you up. Taxes are a complicated and imposing thing, and the IRS knows it is intimidating to people. By having a tax attorney who knows the ins-and-outs of how taxes function and what the kind of methods the IRS may use, you will be in a much better situation when the time comes to explain things to the IRS or possibly negotiate a deal if it turns out you do owe them more money and they’re threatening you with wage garnishment or even jail-time.